Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This one's for you, HW

ok ok ok now
How about this one:

If you HAAAD to:

SHIT load of makeup Tori Spelling

or Fergie- sans makeup


LooLoo said...

Are you serious? Fergi! Tori has odd boobs and a bottle head never mind her bulgy eyes remind me of Micheal Jackson *shivers*

highwaisted said...

well.....I'll go Tori, cause she's closest to dylan mckay and would most likely pay me a good million dollars for my services. :)

you're hilarious by the way. hahahahahahahahaah

highwaisted said...

This is jogee from HW and I'd go with Tori as well cause her fake boobs are cool and fergs has face fuzz ALL OVER her face!

kay zee said...

agreed about da fuzz.
i think F dawg is scary shit.

BUMBLE!!! said...

Can't we just opt to be run over with a truck instead?