Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008... asif

Happy New Years.

Couldn't blog yesterday.
I was suffering from the same thing many people do around this time of year.
Depressed. Overtired. Emotional.
Had a bad sleep on NYE on Bolt's kids' bunk bed with Corey (go figure)
and the very next night I kept waking up, cuz I could swear I could hear a squirrel in the apt.
Thankfully my night in shining armor was there to run around the bedroom clapping his hands together trying to "scare" the imaginary be-jesus out of him (there was nothing).

Great start to 2008.

NYE was a good time overall.
Started out with the sister and Bro in law and all their pals.
Ate yummy food and hung with the chicks, while Corey ventured to the basement to play poker with the boys.
(Usually he'll hang with the gals but this time he was brave)
He emerged from the basement- unharmed....

Then it was off to Bolts.
Party time.

Let's Dance!

Until next time......

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highwaisted said...

happy new year babeski

i am so tired and emotional as well. wtf?