Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wild Willie Weekend

Some Highlights:

now, of course much of our weekend was not caught on film.

Our cheap chili chowdown, drinks at the Hotel, Uncle NORM, Normy's pal who asked Corey and I if we "indulge" and then dissappeared to go roll..... not to return for HOURS, Our dance party at mom's with the neighbors, my sister and Meg's Airband, and of course my sweetheart sliding down mom's bannister, only to discover that the brown paint came off on his arse.... they may need to re-touch that. (whoops)

So fun.

The drive north on Friday was no-fun. Nor was the drive to Waterloo, which took three times the normal time- due to snow etc.

But we made it there in one piece ONLY to attend the parade, all lined-up looking for Sunny the Sauble Shithawk, and the son of a bitch was a NO SHOW! Marmie started a rant at the end of the parade- "We want Sunny. We want Sunny"
No luck.
That's it- I am writing a letter to the Owen Sound Times!


rizabeff said...

how is your letter going?

our hotel room was not as clean as it could have been up in whistler, and I'm all THAT'S IT and well here I am not writing any letters

kay zee said...

I always say I am going to "write a letter"

I should really start.

Krissyface said...

I always say that too. Once I did write a letter to the mayor of New York b/c people would not get up for me on the subway when I was pregnant and I wanted him to change the laws. He never wrote back.

kay zee said...

what a bunch of lazy mfers.

stoopid mayor.

ps i love nyc

BUMBLE!!! said...

Maybe you need to go somewhere with a sign and take your protest to the masses. A letter is only seen by 1 person.