Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This eve-
Homemade Pizza.
Maybe even a "Zerbinator"- my favorite combination of 'za toppings.
Please listen carefully:
Green Olives- for the needed salt intake (you could hand me a salt-lick and I would honestly be happy. I'm like a horse, for chrissakes!)
Hot Peppers -love the heat
and finally
Pineapple- to cool er all down.

If you've never tried it, I'll have to suggest it.
I have converted many skeptical friends :)

I've been kinda bored as of lately. Any suggestions for fun times ion the city?
Sports, even.
But fun ones.

Ok now.....

If you HAAD to:

Richard Simmons-------->

Carrot Top------>

annnnd go!


LooLoo said...

holy hell.

Richard Simmons and I don't know why. Carrot top is......scary.

danvan said...

Fun sports... I loves the rock climbing. There are great gyms in Toronto, I go almost every weekend. Sometimes JennyTom comes along too. Let us know if you wanna try it out.

highwaisted said...

richard simmons hands down. actually the more i think about it, they're both funny and they both have sick damn...maybe a threesome? ugh sick.