Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF - thank god I'm fabulous

I have begun something recently. It pleases my sister. I borrowed TWILIGHT from Fio and am reading it, in all it's teen-angst glory.

My sister is obsessed with "RPatt". Her husband bought her a RPatt calendar for her (33rd!!!!) Birthday.

When I poked fun at her she rebutted with:

Lil' Kel-
"Ugh remember YOUR obsession with Joey McIntyre and the New Kids on the Block???!?- THIS is my NKOTB"

"Ummm yah I was 11"

Anyways, so far- it's pretty entertaining. Strange to go from reading three Maeve Binchy novels and then switch over to a teenage Vampire series. I became so used to the everyday characters and occurrences in a "small Irish community"... Now I am on the edge of my seat bed waiting for this peculiar dark eyed boy to kiss the new girl in town.

SIGH to be young again.

This weekend, we are headed to Port E with Corey, his sis and her son. Hope the weather is beach warm. Of course, I will just laze and read smut mags on the sand. Corey on the other hand might find his way into the water. His sis is bring him.... a WETSUIT.

(I asked in advance and am allowed to take pictures) ! !

We don't leave the city until tomorrow so I am trying to get a crew together for after work drinks. Perhaps hit a patio and then $3 drinks at the Brant!

OK Ok I take back the Sigh
to be young again comment.
I'm still having fun :)


Alyson said...

As long as "being young" means being legally allowed to drink, I'll settle for it.

Robin said...

Keep in mind, Edward is an archetypal creepy stalker: