Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I's the b'y that drinks the Screech

Met C dawg and Kyle and Scott at the CENTRAL the other day for some after work fun.

Our waiter was from the rock and upon discovering our boys were fellow Newfoundlanders, he came out to our table with free shots of Screech!

We grew up next door to a Newfoundland family- the Pretty's. As their friendly neighbors, we usually had our own stock of Screech in the liquor cabinet that my parent's could sip on my sister and I could steal as rebellious teens. We definitely were not the favorites at house parties.

But you know what? Drinking it again, some 15 (AH!) years later-- It wasn't half bad. Not at all like I remember from my childhood years.

This evening is going to be boss. Girls night. Doesn't happen often enough but when it does- it's always worth the wait.

Tonight we have a VERY SPECIAL GUEST straight from Victoria.

This girl is one of a kind. A couple years back when we first got our POP 5 Cranium board game- we were addicted and happened to be playing it a lot. Like A LOT, a lot....
Chloe made me a whole new set of cards to play with featuring really hip, up to date shit to play on.
Whaddagirl! (PS we played with those cards recently and it was grand)

Fio is hosting this evening festivities and Ro is gettin' outta town.

Poor boys :(

What am I saying???

Gooooooooooo Girls! :)


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annie said...

Newfies rule!!!! How jeans that the top post on your page when I go to check it is Newfie-related. God love ya

Alyson said...

Screech, eh? I like rum, maybe I'll give it a shot if I can find some.