Monday, May 3, 2010

If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor

Well another weekend gone. It was FULL. I love fullweekends. I can NOT deal with the one's that seem to just fly by- with nothing to show for it.

The word (or phrase) of this weekend was "ASS" specifically, eating ass.

It dates back to almost a decade ago when my sister and I were visiting the animals in Waterloo Park. There were two piglets- "Bacon" and "Eggs" (ridiculous, i know). Anyways we got up to their pen and there they were- One eating the others ass out.

This story was talked about this weekend at many different times. It became my theme for the weekend. Theme #2 was ME always knowing how to cross the line.
"Here's the line- and here's KZ crossing it" was spoken many times.

I was in fine form both Friday and Saturday nights. After work on Friday I headed out to a patio with Joel and Christopher- soaked up what was left of the sun- and then headed to the Brant House for the weekly $3 drink activities.
There's something about drinking $6 double-vodkas in downtown Toronto. It's a rarity for sure. I always feel the need to "take advantage of it". Sure am glad I do. Work folk always equal a good time.

Saturday I got a lift to Waterloo with the lovely Michelle and Danika, along with young Ethan who has made my top 5 list for cutest kids EVER.

Saturday was spent driving around K town with BOLT. Cheese shopping, Getting supplies for our antipasto afternoon snack, getting into a brawl with some broad who honked at us to do ON A RED LIGHT. Shouting ensued, birds flew.

I try not to have road rage, really but when WE CAN'T GO, we can't freaking GO!
"Check the traffic light you friggin wheatbag!"

Saturday night. Nicole's Birthday party. Bhima's Warung. One of the best meals of my life. Rare tuna appetizer serves on black sticky rice. main- as always "The Duck without the Duck"; noodles in their Chang-Mai curry with cherry tomatoes, snake beans, pineapple, peanuts, served with a crispy pakora atop.

Serious. Food. Orgasm.

The night continued at Ethel's Lounge where I ran into many old (and some new) friends.

I have to say the more I see my old pals from KW the more I realize that they are so important to me. Some of these people have shaped who I am today.
I love you guys for that! Really do.


nadine said...

i have never seen those pigs. I have seen the miniature donkey and miniature horse. They always look tres sad. Maybe i should find out their names...its just rude to call them THAT mini donkey and such. I like your pig drawing.

Born with a big mouth! said...

that drawing is funny, but gross!!! ha

Alyson said...

Killer MS Paint pigs.