Thursday, May 13, 2010

When shit gets in your eye

What is the longest you had have something in your eye? Aside from contact lenses etc?

The other night somewhere between the Lennox Street streetcar stop and Kilgours, something found it's way into my eye and must have wedged itself somewhere between my cornea and Anterior chamber. Whatever it was--- it was IN there.

It lasted throughout our afterwork drinks. I could hardly keep that eye open enough to spot this guy chomping on some wings at a nearby table!

Anyways, I think it is definitely the longest peiod of time I have had something in there. It lasted until nighttime. Somewhere between my head hitting the pillow and the sun-rays splashing on my face - it dislodged.

Must have been all the RIM-ming.


Marta said...

don't you mean REM-ing?

kay zee said...

that would be my BEST typo EVER

Alyson said...

I had an eyelash that was up in my eye for about a week. I guess it was kept up there by my constant contact-lens wearing, but finally it began to bother me so much that I wore my glasses for a day... and after an hour lo and behold an eye-goo covered eyelash made its way into the corner of my eye where I could get it out.

... I am only now realizing how gross that story is. Awesome!

Highwaisted said...

ewwww rim jobs!

Px said...

I had an eyelash caught under my contact lens while driving on the 401 once; it irritated me so badly that I almost crashed my car as I veered across 3 lanes to pull over to deal with it. Which I did by popping it out, removing the lash, and then re-moistening the-at-that-point-dry lens. In my mouth.

Alyson said...

PX your story is almost as gross as mine. Basically spitting in your own eye for the loose.

Krista said...

About an hour because I was working and couldn't pick the eyelash out in front of customers or even step aside for a minute to do so. It was standing on the bottom of my eyelid poking my eye. Not fun.