Friday, May 28, 2010

Take It In

I am ba-ack.
I was supposed to be at a dentist appointment yesterday (first time in a dog's age- ok TWO dog's ages) but instead I spent some time with the clan/fam in KW.

The funeral service was sad but sweet. I could feel the love in the room of all Jeff's family and friends just lingering in the air. The recording of him sweetly playing and singing Sweet Child of Mine was a beautiful but painful addition to the ceremony.
We stood in the back corner and took it all in. It was alot to take in.

The night before C and I first met Niki for a quick beverage at ETHEL's. The lit sign overhead sent out a message in memory of G.
After wards it was off to the Ginns to be with the crew. We immediately moved over to another gathering at the family abode of the Morrison brothers. The night then became somewhat of a crazy-spontaneous high school reunion.
Such terrible circumstances in order to get this many people all together.

I am sad for the large number of people I love who are deeply affected by this loss. That being said- the group sure knows how to celebrate the life he lived. The priest -who was also a cousin of G- said something to the affect of "The only way we can come to terms with this loss is that at birth each person is given a certain amount of joy to spread. Jeff managed to use that up in his short time on earth"


The weekend ahead will be full of rest and relaxation. C and I get our new QUEEN-SIZED bed delivered today. Poor C is at home now preparing "cleaning the radiator with a toothbrush". Having an animal - this stuff can really collect.
There may also be a visit to Z' ISLAND at some point :)

Oh and as for the dentist, I rescheduled. All the more time to floss like a mad woman!

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