Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't you waste me in the ground

i suck at this lately.
Hmmm a week has passed and what have I accomplished.....

Some gardening at Fiona's, A sleepover with Alex and Claire (that man can COOK), A couple hangovers.....
That's about it.

My skin is changing. I don't know quite what to blame it on except... aging.
It's starting to resemble a catcher's mitt.

I bought $45 eye cream (for like, 2 ounces or some shit)
I have been using it for 2 months- and NOTHING.

Is there a miracle cream out there?

Oh and I also broke out in PIMPLES this past week.
Good times. Wrinkles and Pimples.

enough. I will not become a complainer. I will not become a complainer.

May is already half over and I realize that 2010 is record-breaking in the sense of time going by quickly. Like wtf? Wasn't it just New Years?

I really hope it's Spring-like this coming weekend.
I need me a picnic and some romance.

I leave you now with Iron and Wine because, well that's just the kind of mood I am in today.

1 comment:

Alyson said...

Could be worse, you could have pimples IN your wrinkles.