Monday, May 31, 2010


What great weather. Can hardly still believe it is May.

Friday night afterwork people went to the Raq N Waq and got a primo spot on their otherwise EMPTY partio. A butterfly came over and sat right on Justin Sleeping Beauty's shoulder and remained there for several minutes. Better he than I. I don't care if they are "pretty". They fly around in my face and freak me out. PLUS -up close, they ain't so pretty.

We hit the island on Sunday. Oh, how I love Toronto's own Coney Island. Well, it is as close and cheesy as we get.
It was so so nice out but we didn't find it overwhleming at all! We even ventured into CENTREVILLE due to the overall lack of people (and children).
Took the SKYRIDE overtop. Didn't see any goats on roofs, which is what our main aim was :(

Then it was beachtime. I even went into the water. Normally I'm more of a chilling-on-the-beach-reading-smut kinda broad. I went in partially because it was HOT, partially because I was covered in sand, but also partially becasue at one point C dawg sneezed and well-- DEBRIS-- made it's way onto my legs.
You gotta love love.

Corey got a bit of a shocker as well when two (white trash- only by association by the owners) dogs trampled our stuff and one piddled directly on Corey's bag.
Good thing I am a dog person or these WT's might have gotten an earful.

Also, saw 4 misquito bites walk by.
I guess we were close (ish) to the "nude" beach?


Highwaisted said...

hi! did you have a film on your legs after you went in the water?

i did

Alison said...

Haha - I love "up close, they ain't so pretty" about the butterflies! Funny, because it's true.