Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 feast

2 Veg. Spring Rolls
1 order of Chicken Balls (for C)
1 mushroom fried rice
1 Szechaun Veg. Noodle
1 Vegetables with tofu

All of the above is being delivered TO OUR APARTMENT within the hour.

We have successfully located, called and ordered from the only remaining HO LEE CHOW in the GTA.
It has been a little bit of a New Years tradidtion for C and I to get this greasy, delicious grub shipped out to us in New Years day- and while we may be a little late in 2010- it's still happening!

So So glad.

My day was spend HUNG like a horse in bed with a pounding headache (too much wine at Fio and Ro's) but I am now ready to PIG OUT.

Christmas was lovely. Spent three nights at C's parents in Port Elgin, got to hang with the likes of Clint and Maggie playing Balderdash (*love this couple)...
Love 'em even more after receiving a cheese feast for Xmas along with my first EVER cheese knife. "HEY CHEESE EATERS! CHEESE KNIVES ARE A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR KITCHEN!!")
We then headed north to visit my Marmie and Pete, along with Kel and Rob, got to watch my sister CRY ("come on crybaby CRY for meee") when she found out she got a bicycle, and THEN headed to Sketchener for NY eve with all of my sisters and THEN spent New Years DAY with DAD. The remarkable part of the first day of 2010? - I was NOT hungover in any way shape or form. I think I had 3 glasses of wine TOPS on New Years eve which would make this the first New Years eve in .... well about 15 years that I have been stone cold sober. If ONLY I hadnt hit that car a couple years back while taking my driver's test- I could have driven the troops all home!

Which leads me back to today. Hungover b/c last night was kind of my "Screw you, liver" evening... I managed to get tipsy and have a "New Years hangover" afterall!

OMYGOD I just realised that C and I are watching "The Hangover" tonight. How suiting!