Monday, January 18, 2010

Get Laide

"The Birthday girl- Outfit Numero Deux"

"My lovely friends"

"Oh lord, this girl makes me laugh so hard-
it be a workout for my stomach muscles"


"oh hello again"

"Another one?? ok"


I remember the dancing. I can't remember the song, however- and I feel like I should.
Friday night was delicious. Started after work with some workplace homeboys and then headed to LAIDE around 8:30....
Fio and I were in fine form. A fabulous group of people showed up for ALI's bday and we had a blast and a half.
The next night it was off to celebrate my sister's bday in Sketchener-Waterpoo.
hmmmm. no pictures of this evening:(
(which is fine by me- Friday night sucked a bit of life out of me.....)

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