Tuesday, January 5, 2010

you better work baby

Today marks the first day of ... the rest of my life.

Well no need to be SO dramatic, I'm sure BUT today is the date in which I begin my workout regime for 2010..
One must understand that I have never stepped foot inside an actual GYM before nor do I take part in many "physical" activities- well besides the obvious....
which is walking.....

Today I start two days per week of pilates. My back has been KILLING me for 2 weeks now. I blame the fact that over the holidays I neglected these kinds of exercise.

I am looking forward to toning up my the Old bod. At this point, I feel I just need to do that --and maybe lose the beer belly... but in truth I would probably have to decrease my ale/lager consumption for results in this area.

My yoga teacher makes it pretty easy to commit to this class. Amber is sweet, and possibly the cutest thing I have seen in a long while. Plus she wears high heels when she rides around the city on her bicycle. Long story short: If I were feeling lesbionic- I'd probably make out with her.

My blog (among other things) need a NEW FONT.
Any suggestions?


Clint said...

Not comic sans!! Trebuchet is nice in a pinch. Or Georgia.

Glad to see you two birds over xmas! & Thanks for the COLD! *slap*


Krista said...

I like this font the best though? What about Times New Roman?

Good luck at the gym, just don't over do it!

Krissyface said...


and dude...pilates? That shit will kill you. I try to do yoga and speed-walking around the neighborhood. My ass can stay fat if the alternative is torture.

Oh, and good luck! Now that I shit all over your exercise regime. Sorry, doll.

Anonymous said...

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