Thursday, December 17, 2009

tonight's the night- exclamation mark

We are....


Thats' right. Our buddy-old-pal has YET TO SEE this-

Kattypants and the Broninator are coming over!

We make -a - pizza!

And watch a- the- movie!


Back to Bolt said...

WHAT?!?! It is a crime that he hasn't seen it yet.

This is what the girls and I are watching this weekend. They haven't seen it yet but they are kids so that is totally understandable.

Back to Bolt said...

Update...watched this last night. The very end,where Mom and Dad are staring out the window never ceases to bring a tear to my eye.

Krista said...

Such a great classic, it's probably the funniest Christmas movie I can think of.

Katty M said...

wonderful wonderful night chum! broninator = great name.
watched national lampoon's last night. christmas is alll coming together.
btb: couldn't believe he hadn't seen it NOR heard of it either. but he's cool now ;-)