Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend with Marmie

This weekend pretty much ruled.
I left Toronto Friday and headed to Kitchener on the greyhound. Upon my arrival, went over to Tiff and Sarah's place to meet my sister and get ready for their big garage sale which was happening the following morning.
I ALSO got to see the new additions to Sarah's family - her hubby Manny, who recently arrived in Canada from the Dominican Republic and the most gorgeous of babies, Adelina. We were at their wedding last March in the D.R. and now their lil' fam-damily is together here in Canada :)

We had some wine, and some laughs getting ready for the sale.
I was in chanrge of labelling items. Kel and I stole some of those coloured paint-sample-paper things from the hardware store and I made labels such as this one for 4 of Tif's (UNOPENED) hair bands-

Haha, they didn't sell but thankfully Colleen stopped by with her daughter, Maddie-and I gave them to her.

Mom arrived during the very end of the sale. I was about 2-3 sheets to the wind by then. (we dipped into the booze before 11am)

We cleaned up the sale, loaded baby , Marmie, and the gang- and walked to Victoria Park for PRIDE weekend.
Drank more beer, saw some sights (a Great Dane with a scary penis), and then headed out.

Got back to Kelly's house, and my sis' hubby started talking about this NEWFIE fry joint around the corner. He went oot (get it???) and came back with two delicious fry dishes- one a poutine, and the other had fries among dressing and peas etc.

The next day we bargain shopped and then headed to yet another festival- the Greek Food Festival. Ran into an old friend, Nicole with her super delicious daughter - and big round belly indicating one on the way.

I swear to GAH all my friends from high school are moms.
All of them.
And I know- it's completely normal. We're thirty now. but Lord help me- I may never do it. And it scares me a little. ACK! This tidbit is another blog posting altogether.

Back to being irresponsible-
We got to the Greek festival, and bolted for the liquor line- bottle of wine now in hand- we headed for a table.
Though I couldn't take part in the mass amounts of pork being consumed by the festival-goers- I managed to
eat about a dozen Stuffed Grape Leaves. I must say this particular veg option was awesome.

After the festival winded down the wine was gone we headed back to Sheri's place to sit in her wonderful backyard for more wine and of course to eat copious amounts of cheese. Sheri spilled her glass of red onto the cheese plate, but we all agreed that it didn't hamper, rather accentuated the selection of Camembert, Cheddar and Blue cheese.

My mom then spilled her glass of red on the kitchen floor. Sheri was uber-pleased (It's usually always her who does the spilling)

My ride home - the beautiful Kattypants and her HI-larious bf of "Livin' in the Jungle" fame, Bron, picked me up and took me home.
I arrived to a gi-normous homemade veggie lasagna and many, many kisses from Corey.

"hahahahhaha you missed me you suckerrr!"

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