Monday, June 1, 2009


Weekend flew by. C and I made a Mediterranean feast yesterday. Homemade hummus, tabbouleh salad, pickled turnip, black olives, yum yum

Everything went smoothly in the preparation except our "Betty Crocker" food processor can suck it.
It actually melted whilest chopping.
Thanks Screw you, Betty!

We also both sobbed uncontrollably at the end of watched Marley and Me.

Spent Saturday shopping about town. Used the second half of our Healthy Butcher gift certificate. I must say, even for a vegetarian, they have some really great treats in there.
We bought Strub's Garlic Kosher Dills. I learned that the $10 pickle ARE superior to the regular kind. YUM.

Also visited Kensington and spent some time in the really old school shop on the corner.
What the hell is it called??????? This place must have a magical basement which leads you to their stock of shit from 1960-1986.
Like... the stuff is new, in package, but TOTALLY dated weird stuff. lovely!
Alls I bought was a Pashmina for $2.98, and some socks-- but had a blast looking at weird old porcelain piggy banks that reminded me of my childhood.

Tomorrow night I unload some funny old clothes on Ali and Hayley.
Thanks bitches for having me over. It'll be funtimes.


highwaisted said...

i cant wait!!!!

Chlo said...

dammit I miss kensington
Casa Acoreana. i worked there for two months before I knew the name. if people call it anything though, it's louie's.