Monday, June 15, 2009

Rootin' Tooting Good times

Well, I guess it's been a few days since my last posting.

The office cat went to a brand new home and got a brand new name.
Larry's daughter had been dying for a wee kitty, so my boss gave "Callie" up- and the cat is now named Mercury- die to the amount of purring she does.
She apparently sounds like a wee motor.

Friday after work I went on a bit of a wine binge which caused me to stay in bed until 4pm the following day. Corey was working, so I took advantage and chilled in bed with the cat and the CBC.
I then had to face the music and get my arse into the real world and find me a cowgal costume for Hayley and Mike's bday shindig. I succeeded in finding something to wear, made some antijitoes, packed a few tall boys and headed over to Alicia and Hayleys- still hungover.
I did get a little second wind action going on, but spent a lot of the night smoking my face off (sitting down- siiigh) on their back deck.

The costumes were aplenty and fun was definitely had.
Got home around 1am and cuddle Corey.

Here's some party highlights- Courtesy of Ali. (my camera did not leave purse)

The bitches:

Our hosts:
Just funny:
Funnier yet:

Oh Alicia, I love your face in that picture.

Anywho, the rest of the weekend was fantastic. I had C all to myself and we drove around in a big cube van on Sunday, hit a huge chinese store called TNT and had lunch there.....
Hit WOOFSTOCK and took photos of other people's dogs.
Kind of felt like a would-be kiddy diddlers who hangs out in playgrounds, watching other people's childrens.

Had a beersky at Kilgours (ok ok, 3 plus 1 jagermeister) and then headed home and ate MEATless MEATBALLS!

C took another job this week, so I may be going Sans BF to my moms place this weekend. Just me and sister Kelly. Which isn't terrible at all. I told C that we'd hit the norht in the next coupla weeks since he can't come this round.
More north = more good.


Kattypants said...

Wow KZ, you look so hawt in those pics!
I hope you put chicken in your antos!! ;-)

erinwalker said...

Awe man! I've wanted to have a cowboys and indians party for a while now, but MY friends keep insisting it's racially inappropriate. Jerks, all of them - it looks like a good time!

beans said...

t&t is the SHIT! i used to go there all the time, the sushi there is soooooo decent for a supermarket and so cheap! did you go to the fish section? it is OOC smelly but totally cool!!!

thanks for coming on sat and for my uber amazing bday card and present!!!! so spoiled :)

Katie said...

What the hell. Why aren't there cool parties like that in my parts?

I think it would significantly reduce my benzo need if there were more Cowboy parties.

And you used velcro vagina?




Chlo said...

haha, that last picture is fantastic