Monday, June 22, 2009


Anyone here ever had Phlebitis?

The pain's been going on for over a week now. FINALLY made it to the Downtown Doctors clinic Thursday eve.
It was a freaking SHITSTORM.

First of all, I was the doc's last patient of the day..... needless to say my diagnosis was short and not so sweet. He said it's PHLEBITIS, an inflammation of a vein in my ankle, sometimes accompanied with a blood clot. Now, anyone who knows me KNOWS that Blood clots in general freak me out.

Maybe it's the woman-on-the-pill inside me who tends to partake in smoking a little too often that does it.

Either way, the doc quickly prescribed me an anti-inflammatory, and instructions to go down to get tests done in the morning.
The two tests needed were a general ankle X-Ray, as well as a Venous Doppler (an ultrasound to check for clotting) ...The second test being the one with the most urgency- as that would show if I had the DEEP VEIN PHLEBITIS - which can leads to, well you know ME DYING.

I get to the X-Ray clinic at 7:45am. I am the first one there, ready to get these tests done, and catch the 8:30 bus to KW to meet my sister- and head northbound to moms.

There is noone in house to prefer the Venous Doppler. They are currently booking appointments into the end of July. I explained what the doc said- about the urgency- but alas there is no technician in house.

I leave after my general X-Ray and get on a bus.

I called the Downtown Doctors and tell my tale of the morning, inquiring about WTF to do next; and was greeted on the horn by the uber-bitchy nurse there (she's a nightmare) who starts flipping out saying "So you didn't GO to get the test?? The doctor told you it was important!"

Obviously not a good listener.

"Yes wheatbag-woman , I went. NO fucking technician. Booking into July, etc."

She then had me call another clinic who was also booking into July. They had me call yet another clinic who FINALLY got me in for Tuesday morning at 8am.

I'll be glad to get this over with. The anti-inflammatory meds seem to be working, but I'd still like to rule out the possibility that I have a much more serious condition.

The rest of the weekend was nice. Spent time with Kel, Mom and Pete doing with the following highlights

We did Shots of Jager with the family for Pete's 60th Bday

Oh, and we c
leaned out grandma's house and made it livable for us to come up and stay this summer!!!

Gramma's "Hens and chicks"
Scary Henhouse

I also
Decorated C and I's "Up North" room with a seriously old wooden radio, 1976 Eaton's Catalogue and White Polaroid Camera I found (still in wrapping)
My mom is in the pic on the left :)

Mirror with horse

I also
Went garage sale-ing, and found C a retro golf shirt for 50 cents.

Oh, yes, and we at
e delicious foods

Wish my ankle luck tomorrow please.


Anonymous said...

i'm sure it will be fine, sending good smooth running vibes to your veins.
I hate when people hear the opposite of what you are saying, and have to correct them over and over repeating yourself.
its their damn job to know that there is obviously waiting lists etc. sometimes.
so many stories of incompetant medical people.
carl just went in a while ago for a swollen part part on his back, the doc said scar tissue, it got dramatically bigger, oh well now night be an abcess....
i recently went and had a rediculously gorgoeous doctor that should be on tv and not actually examining real people, aka ME!
i almost walked out, and had it been an any worse complaint, i would have ran out or started complaining about my out of out of control sex drive or something redick! haha

Back to Bolt said...

Phlebitis?!?! What are you, 80?