Thursday, February 28, 2008

So I started the new job. Been a pretty quick week. Two more working days.... (4 more Actaul days) and then it's off to th Domincan.
Fiona, the sweetheart came over last night to watch ANTM and brought me some VACATION CLOTHES... including this great lil black sundress number. Flattering! Don't feel like a bloated balloon! Great and Good (Grood)!
She also brought some super keen yellow heal-ly sandals etc. I'll be so fashionable! (Or walk around barefoot in comfies all week- we'll see!)

The new job is good though. It's very office. but we have the top floor of a place on King, and the actual layout isn't too annoying. The people are nice blah blah blah. Thanking God that I am (again) working with Nina. It's nice to have a friend, at least on lunch hour, to be "me" with. And not the office me (which is really nothing special)- The cool fucking right on it's krista Me. That one's the best. Plus there's too many places to eat around work. Roti, sammiches, soupies, indian. Yes, I'll get bigger. It's apparent.
Finally got a hair trim. It's been since November. I mean except if we count when I cut it.
Corey made me and Nina and Fiona a Mexican feast last night. Fajitas, man. Oh, and like UMPHteen bottles of wine. And some bubbles.
I'm becoming boring already.
If this "Cold FX" shit works then I will have some fun this weekend "pre trip" and write about THAT.
If not, I apologise in advance.


Oh wait also we had a potluck at work and I threw together a dilly pasta salad thing and got mad props!
Go me!

insert cute-ish recent pic HERE:


BUMBLE!!! said...

Have fun on the trip.

Hope the jobs stays well.

highwaisted said...

so cute!