Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I gots a new jorb

I start my new ADULT job at Canada's #1 job Website on Feb.25th.
I am excited to start, get benefits (dentist much??), and a salary and all that jazz. One week into it- we're off to the Dominican! Time to celebrate, with a heavy dose of R &R.
I am missing the sun. It is freeeezing here.
And the snow- oh my.
Corey and I wanted to do a fun evening of tobaganing, but dang, it's too cold.
Yar, Cold is I.

I miss summer nights of Pylon-heading.

And my dog friends

And my beatuful, awesome bike with the (veggie) burger bell *sigh
And shit like this:
Oh and Oysters.
I haven't had them in a while.

Those are the times I have been happiest as of late. Except of course for ANYWHERE with my sweetheart.

Let's go have a glass of Jamisons somewhere.....


Krista said...

mmmm oysters! I am so bummed I didnt gain a taste of those till AFTER I went to Ireland. Congrats on the job!

highwaisted said...

woh news alert! take me with you for the jamisons.