Friday, February 15, 2008


I got a little spoiled for V day.
Big Bones to spend at Secrets From your Sister.
The only known bra-store in the city that carries ACTUALLY fashionable bras for the mutant bodied, like myself.
Say goodbye to those built in Shoulder pads, on a count of the weight- dealy!

Felt ill last night. but managed to REALLY enjoy a homemade Corey-meal of arooooo-gula salad with fresh salmon atop.
Went to bed at a decent hour and am ready to drink a drink or two this evening.

Highwaisted, u in?


rizabeff said...

I of the modestly endowed chest also enjoy SFYS, but there is one sales clerk there who really, um, "grinds my gears"
it's like, if you hate people THAT much, why are you working retail!

kay zee said...

yah the first time i was there- excellent service man!

second time- bite me, Hippie McBusterson!

rizabeff said...

dood I am sending you a facebook message describing the girl...tell me if it's the same one!