Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunny like the Shithawk

Nothing says Saturday morning like Fresh Earl Grey Tea leaves.
Corey's out on a venture to Timmy's for a coupla bagels (and some fuel for himself).
I wanted to sleep in until forever today but that sun coming in our bedroom window just would not quit.

Last night was kinda nice.
Sporatically left our apt and made our way down the street to the bar situated closest to our apt.
After indulging in some bubbles, doobs, and pizza- we weren't feeling very adventurous.
Ran into our lawyer-pal, and have a few drinks.

And then home- and more 'za.

I want to cook something in the slowcooker this weekend.
I got a great vegetarian cookbook byMadhur Jaffrey this Xmas from Corey's sis, and am going to try out some sort of Trinidadian (?) soup or stew.
Anyone know where I can buy lemongrass????
Perhaps a trip to Little India is in store for us this weekend.

Yikes, this tea is good!

I love long weekends.
Come over Sunday night and play POP 5 and drink Jagermeister from our vintage liquor glasses.
Let's extend the shit out of this weekend!

1 comment:

BUMBLE!!! said...

Long weekends kick ass.
It's monday at 1054 and I've done nothing productive all day except to eat.
Granted, it's about time to clean up, but still, I see nothing productive for the next 12 hours either.

Life is good.