Monday, November 8, 2010


birthday countdown. 4 days to go. 32 is kind of a boring age. i mean, what's the dif, really?

i am heading to KW Saturday to celebrate with some delicious fake meats etc. from LAI LAI. Deeeee-licious, I tells you.
Oh, also in celebration mode will be sister, mom, friends and of course my hunny C.

friday night will probably end up being a wee night out because:
a) it is a friday
b) it is my bday week AS WELL AS a bunch of other work-budz
c) it is payday

not sure what to do. that's how i have been this year for some reason. very... undecided.

Corey is participating in Movember and i told him alls i want for my bday is HIM to have a STACHE... oh and also a food processor!

C-mon donate!

Oh and BY THE WAY-

they did it.... and it was monumental :)

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Alyson said...

Drink. That's all you need for a proper Birthday.