Monday, November 22, 2010

Grind and grease my gears

You know what really grinds Fiona's gears?
Sitting in a tiny venue watching a friend play live music while the opening act talks LOUDLY at the table next to her.
Might I add that the feature band currently on stage sat and listened INTENTLY to these people, making sure to clap, encourage etc. during their set.

You know what really grinds
my gears?
Going into Pizza Pizza at night,
starving and the ONLY vegetarian option is a stale slice of cheese (only) pizza. No delicious veggie panzerottis, no yummy slices.

On a completely unrelated post (hehe....yeah)- What really
greases my gears is going out to see my good pal Mike play with his Calgary band ART SCHOOL at the Central last night. They were GREAT!

I am so glad we had some time before the show to catch up at good ol' Kilgours before the show. Miss you, Mike.

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