Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sandy and Danny-
Supermarket Sweep contestants circa 1989-

And now with their host, Tino Monte-

Boobies and a crayon?
Snookie (about to get punched??)-

Awwwwww together again-
We'll call this one the "kitchen" shot-

Halloween was a blast once again thanks to Colleen and Derek and their wonderful home.

I am posting the below picture which was taken LAST YEAR because GUS thought we'd forget that he's wearing the EXACT SAME COSTUME. Damn Dog!

What do you think we are stoopid???????


Highwaisted said...

those supermarket sweep costumes were amazing!!!

did you get a full length of yours???

Lindsey said...

Agreed...I LOVE the supermarket sweep costumes. Awesome.