Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My "Major Award" for turning a year older! Thanks honey-bunny!
I can not WAIT to start using it. Creamed soups. Homemade hummus. My recipe book is going to fill up quickly, I'm sure.

Oh my sister looks proud of her choice of cards here. She even personalized it by making the two screaming characters her and me.

We went out for dinner in KW. My sister brought along her "Work mom" who brought me roses.

Can you tell we are related? We seems to get mixed reviews....

More loot- I got spoiled....

The after party was at my sister and Robs. They just moved into a new place and had a SHITLOAD of boxes of books to get rid of. Most are Rob's mom's old cookbooks. And when I say OLD I mean actual antiques. We asked that EVERY GUEST take a book before leaving the party. We were adamant that everyone did.

Oh Haiii Lenny. Lenny the Wonder Dog. 16 and going strong. Smiles, too.

Some beauties.... Marta's hair is never-ending in this picture.

2 of my favorite people on earth, right there. NIKI COME VISIT MORE!

We both look human in this picture so I posted it :P

MY MARMIE! The best gift of all! To spend time with my sweet sweet family.

Not that coming home to my hairy family member was all that bad.

Oh lord. I swear to GAWD Jackson is a really handsome cat. He's just not always... photogenic. He's like his mommy.

All in all 32 is feeling pretty good. I still have all my teeth and can shake my rump here and there. Plus I've got the best friends-family-sweetheart ever. For reals.

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Katty M said...

aw, I loved this post!! yes indeed, nikki come visit more often!!! it looks like your party was super fun :-D good gracious i want to cash in some loot like that!
jackson is a king :-)