Friday, December 4, 2009

chop chop

I cut my own bangs again this morning.
I try to get to that Side Swoop stage, but the awkward "in between" proved to be too much for me. Plus, I had my brows done (she kinda took a lot away) but I might as well show these little groomed suckers off.

It's 11:44 am and I am starving.
Why is it on days I do not eat breakfast I can go til 3pm before lunch without feeling anything but when I slurp back a yogurt and a clementine in the AM I am STARVED before noon?
This will be fixed soon, Nina and I are lunching today.
Might try this place. Pretty decent prices.

After work (come on four O'Clock, I am counting on you) I am hanging with Fiona and the C dawg. Beers followed by delicious food at home and possibly my WOULD YOU RATHER board game I gots from BOLT for my BDAY.
P.S. My Ladies we can play this game next week. Fiona and I come over ok? I could even make a Mexican Lasagna! You won't be disappointed!!

Tomorrow night I am attending a stagette.
My pal met a guy. Went to visit him in Australia and came back from her visit ENGAGED. It's crazy how thing love shit happens so so differently for peeps.
I can only wonder what C and I would be now if I got some bling from him on date #9.
Although come to think of it, I am sure we had said "I love you" by then.
What can I say? It is a strange and wonderful thing (love).

I think we are hitting CLINTONS for Shake a Tail feather on Saturday. Hayley I wish I had one of your homemade feather things. It would fit right in there.

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beans said...

ohhhh i have always wanted to go to that party at clintons! nina and i are going to be hitting it up soon.

and you are hungry by lunch time when you eat in the AM cuz you have kicked off your metabolism and it is workin for ya. eat breakfast!