Thursday, December 3, 2009


Obviously, this one.

I LOVE this movie. A year without Ralphy is like a year without a Christmas at all!
As children, my sister and I would watch this film religiously on Xmas. My sister had the unfortunate haircut-and-glasses-combo which made her look similar to the movie's star BOY.
Movie's bonus points:
Scut Farkus and keeping your eyes peeled for Toronto landmarks in the film.

The above movie is highly under-rated. I suppose the presence of Hugh Grant could lead many to believe that this is just another-Hugh-movie.
Quite the contrary.
The performances from all other cast mates is fantastic. great story lines.

And Emma Thompson's relationship woes with hubby Alan Rickman (LOVE LOVE LOVE him) is enough to make you weep.

I was thinking of checking out my boyfriend Jim Carrey in that new Christmas Carol flick.... but will it be good? Or will I be disappointed??


zombivish said...

you forgot the "other" Canadian made, Christmas classic (directed by the same guy as a Christmas Story) .. Black Christmas

beans said...

the new christmas carol was terrifying!! but nina and i were baked so maybe that's why it was scary

beans said...

ps: watched loved actually 3 weeks ago - LOVE IT

Krista said...

just saw the new christmas carol it was pretty good, not compared to the muppets version though.

and i love a christmas story, my big brother drew would make us watch it every year!

Katty M said...

I want to see the new Jimmy flick too.
On the topic of A Christmas Story, um please GUESS who hasn't even EVER seen that movie. Sadly, Bron. He has my copy at his house as we speak, which he has not as of yet watched. I couldn't believe my ears when he told me.
HOW can this be true? Had never even heard of it.

highwaisted said...

love actually is in my top 5. i fucking love that movie.