Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girlz Night In

Last night was a blast and a half. Ali and Hayley were kind enough to have a chicks night in at their place which consisted of 5 ladies, the WOULD YOU RATHER board game, some happy juice, and stuff......

I can honestly say all said ladies in my company last night are truly wonderful. What a treat.

Fiona, Ali, Hayley and Nina- You gals are seriously the tops.

We laughed alot, sometimes uncontrollably- to the point where once I caught my breath I had forgotten what triggered the giggles in the first place.
Love those nights.
Love laughing.

This was a camera-free event. Therefore, here is my own artistic rendition of the evening.

Coming home to a sweet sweet man was a bonus. Tomorrow is C dawg and I's THREE YEAR anniversary!

Love my baby!


highwaisted said...

HAHAHAAHAHAH that is a piece of art. sooooo good!

beans said...

YES! we are some seriously sexy bitches!

Katty M said...

congrats kwista on your third year!!
also, that artwork trims MY tree. i.e. it's totally awess.