Thursday, August 19, 2010

Strange Illnesses and an All Girls Party

The ankle is getting much better. It's just turning into a giant bruise BUT even that is already fading.

Why is it, I wondered, that I only get REALLY STRANGE ailments?
Like... common cold?
Not this girl.
Last year's Ridiculously swelled ankle for no apparent reason?
Bring It On! And now this.....

On a less-whiny note: Girls night was a success last night, as per usual. This time Meryl hosted- and was a fine little hostess indeed.
Great apartment.
They have the same towel as Corey and I in the washroom.
Very important shit, man.
Wine and coronas + great chicks + smokey smokey + a dog named Charlie = goodtimes.

Meryl- we had a "bloody" good time!


Meryl Manning said...

that picture really does look like charlie! but it is not. I bet you checked for your towel when you got home to see if I had secretly stolen it.

Alyson said...

I actually took a friends embossed towel and put it my bathroom once to see if she'd notice... she didn't, and I wound up just putting it back in her bathroom the next time I was over. Fail :(

Katty M said...

hahah those women in the picture!!!