Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skeeter Syndrome

Remember when I had HIVES? Well typically what happens is I break out in large RED bumps and then they eventually turn into giant bruises.

This past weekend we were up north, and it seems some mosquitoes had their way with me. My arms and legs are covered... but with my usual red, itchy bumps.

And then there's this mess!

Seriously. My legs are one of my most treasured "parts". And now look at this!
This will be forever considered the MOSQUITO BITE.... from hell.

I have been googling like crazy and found that there is a such thing as SKEETER SYNDROME.
Some people just react differently (and more severely) to bites etc.

It must be me. The hives did the same thing.

WTF, skin?


Katty M said...

same thing happened to bron first visit to the cottage this season. poor dears!

Alyson said...

Oh wow, hope it gets better soon! Eek.

Anonymous said...

I think i have skeeder sydrome, I believe i got bite on my uper outer thigh were i previously had a muscle injury 6 years ago and the whole thing is now swollen and bits of black and blue.