Monday, August 9, 2010

CONGRATS!.... the lover-ly couple.

Danika and Eric's wedding this weekend was grand. Corey and I had a blast, I got to see all my ladies AND I (of course) caught the bouquet!

PS I almost ALWAYS catch the bouquet.
What can I say?
It ain't my desperate want to wed, rather my competitive nature.

Stealing pictures from facebook rules.

I had a nice long weekend AGAIN. In fact THIS week is a short one for me (i am off Friday), and so is next week (off Monday). We are heading to Port Elgin on Friday for Corey's family reunion. Then up to mom's for Sunday night.

Short workweek + Long weekends = the best ever.


Katty M said...

Krista, amazing shall/wrap! Where was the wedding/recep held? Where is Sir Cores-a-Lot?

kay zee said...

C dawg was the photographer!
It was at Golf's Steakhouse!

Alyson said...

Looking sharp!

Anonymous said...

What? No mention of the girl chick you met from VA? I took the pic of Dan and Eric, yay me!

Anonymous said...

Girl chick=cool chick, I type too fast. guess I am not so cool anymore.