Saturday, August 28, 2010

meow to me

I got up like a million times to get a glass of water last night. This morning C dawg was up at at 'em before 5AM to go to work. I got up with him... to get more water.

I texted him later in the morning to say "Be Careful today and I love you."
He responds with "Love you, Don't drink too much water."

Today looks gorgeous outside. I'll laze around here for a bit and then head to the Beach(es) to see J&C, my favorite fab gay couple. ("Coupl-a hotties!"). I'll bring a camera today- I never take photos.

I have so much basil so I should prepare something delicious with it. I think I made boccocini salad last time I went over there but really- you can't have too much of the caprese!
Maybe I'll throw in some roasted red peps and do my own take on it.

Right now I looked over at Jackson and said "I love you handsome" and I SWEAR-TO-GAH - he actually understood me. And I didn't even MEOW it to him- just SAID it.

Next weekend is going to be RAD. We head up north to "Gramma's House" - this time with Ro and Fio in toe (me = poet). My sis and bro in law might also come up for a night. BONNNNFIRE!
BBBBBATS! (There are about 1000 of them who live in the roof and at dusk the all fly out- it's quite the sight (again, poet).

OK I'm outty 5000. Too nice out to miss.


Alyson said...

Eek bats!

Kris said...

I love bocconcini. And now I want it.