Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend. 2 Parties. Hives.

This weekend was pretty much a whirlwind of events.

Friday Night was Ali and Hayley's housewarming shin-dig. Fun times. I can't believe I made it past 1 AM. I got off work at 4pm and let's just say the evening began there. Their new place is terrific and full of fuzzy love- with the two newest members of their family. "Hi Spaghetti and Megatron!"

Saturday night was unbelievable as well. House party outside of KW. Complete with

* Indoor pool.
* Corey parading around in 2 or 3 different ladies swimsuits.
* Mark unknowingly putting on Corey's COMPLETE outfit after swimming.
* Corey parading around in own underpants, in search of said outfit.
* Corey finding a shirt and some jeans and throwing them on.
* Mark accosting Corey when he arrives in the room- for wearing his clothes.
* Corey noticing and pointing out that Mark was donned head to toe in his outfit.

Amazing. Corey's outfit is some jeans and this really faded RODEO shirt with the graphic now very hard to see. Either way- wouldn't you KNOW that your AREN'T putting on your own, rather someone ELSE'S clothes????

Let's take a poll on this.

Sunday- went and hung out with Dad. Played his new Wii. Scored the equivalent of a 76 year old when testing my ability in 3 random sports.
Good times.

Sunday night we opted for some HO LEE CHOW (now called CHO CHO CHO) I ordered some shirmp. Broke out in HIVES ALL OVER MY BODY.

I suppose I may still be allergic to shellfish?? ha!

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