Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heading out after work with Ali to some event by She does the city.
Alls I know is there's wine and it's right after work. These two things go hand in hand for this broad.

While tearing through my closet this morning in attempts to find something to wear for said event.... I ONLY WISH I still had this gorgeous outfit. (I'm on the left)

I would have filled it out these days- I'm sure!

So much nostalgia going on for me these days.
Popping up here, there and everywhere.
Pictures (like this one of myself and old pal Karen), Dreaming about yesteryear, Finding old friends / flames on facebook....

It's all a little too much for the Zerbinator right now. Right now being my "special time". Lately around this "time" I have become a bit of an emo-case.
Picture me, Monday evening, reading my Maeve Binchy novel in bed... BAWLING.

Anyways, give me three more days and I'll be back to my normal, slightly neurotic self.


Highwaisted said...

MAEVE BINCHY?? is it good? i love crying while reading!!

ps. i look like a tomboy today (as per usual) i hope you didnt dress up too much!

kay zee said...

I'm wearing a gown with pearls!
You can be my "bastard".