Friday, March 12, 2010

RIP Fingernail

I had been doing an exceptional job growing my fingernails. Until yesterday. My ring finger got caught on my teeth something and now it's a sad sight to see. My left hand looks peculiar. Nuff said.

This weekend will be an emotional one.
A very good friend of the family's daddy has passed away. Knew him since I was a wee one. The visitation is this weekend and my family has decided (easy decision) to go and support the people we love.

I have not seen my mom since Xmas. She was in Florida for the entire month of February and we were going to see her in a few weeks on her Bday but this unfortunate event is bringing the whole fam-damily together.

Note: we are all sleeping at our place. Tight squeeze.

And the Sofa City Sweetheart goes tooooooo....


HAHA ROB (if ur reading- promise to provide comfortable pillows and clean sheets)

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