Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tones of Home

Sitting at my desk. Uploaded a shitload of cd's into my itunes to keep me company. Some of these songs are so Nostalgia City.
I feel like I am back in grade 9 again, sneaking into my sister's room to hang out with her and her cool friends....And listening to Blind Melon's first album.

Shit buzz about Shannon Hoon dying so god-damned young. Dood-man, he was 28.
As a minor niner I suppose that was quite a bit "older", but now the 31 year-old me is like SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. 28!

Weird. next song is "Love, You Should Have Come Over" by Jeff Buckely. He was just shy iof his 31st Birthday when he drowned. Again, a shame. Jeff in perticular was a musician I could have seen just getting better and better.

Somewhere in this itunes mix is a bunch of Elliott Smith. Another goner. 33. Probably the death in the music world that had the most impact on me. Him and Jerry Garcia. Don't laugh.

That reminds me... where ARE all my old G. Dead cds?

*side note: "Devil Inside" by INXS just started playing. Creepy.

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beans said...

elliott smith love love love