Monday, May 11, 2009

The Power's Out

Friday night- Cadillac Lounge after work and then headed top the Gladstone for some Karaoke.
While my pal. Manuela was up rockin' out- the freaking POWER WENT OUT. UGH. How badly did I want to sing that night? A-fucking-LOT!

After about 7 minutes, the seemingly chillaxed (at first) bar staff
SWITCHED GEARS and started almost shoving all the patrons out onto the curb.

At which time C dawg starts a chant. yes kids, a CHANT.

"We like to MOVE IT MOVE IT! We like to MOVE IT MOVE IT!"


Not so awesomeness was deciding to head home. We figured all bars in the area would have the same issue.

We get home- a million blocks away and OUR freaking POWER IS OUT. So we ordered 'za and ate a midst the glow of our solar powered flashlight (Thanks daddy z, for that one)

And THE I find out some of the crew went BACK to the Cadillac where the power was IN and the beers plentiful :(



highwaisted said...

man that fucking blows! i did not have any issues with any power outages in my arear

I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

I am sorry to hear about your power failure. I hope it does not happen again any time soon. :)