Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a brunette!

Had a good long weekend. I am newly brunett-ed out and not feeling much like mourning the blond, as I thought I would!

We spent the weekend at Bolt's place. Our weekend in Waterloo began with my bro-in-law picking C and I up at the bus Terminal. He had his pool van (he's a pool boy by trade- owns his own company). The van has seating for driver plus one- so I sat in a recycling bin in the back amongst all the "gear".

One we arrived and my arse got it's feeling back I did the following:

  • Hung with good peeps.
  • Talked to NIKI on Skype :)
  • Ate delicious food.
  • Met Bolt's Guinea Pigs.
  • Played Wii (failed miserably at Dance Dance Revolution).
  • Sat outside (braved the chill).
  • Drank Coronas.
  • Watched Bolt and Corey do some gardening / lawn work.
That's a quick rehashing of the weekend. There's some pics coming too.

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beans said...

welcome to the wonderful world of being a brunette! we are good people ;)