Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Delia Derbyshire / Street Art

Sunday was the final day of HOT DOCs- the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, here in Toronto.

C and I were lucky enough to have the "ins" with one of the directors- her sister being a a good friend of Corey. So we gots some free tickets to check out 2 films. The first- directed by Kara Blake was the DELIAN MODE an interesting look at Delia Derbyshire.

A pioneer, really, of electronic music. She is most known for the creation of that creepy theme song from the Doctor Who teevee series.
A woman waaaay before her time. With great fashion sense.

The second film was about a guy in Montreal they called ROADSWORTH
who lit up the streets with his unique street graffiti- turning regular crosswalks into works of art with the simple addition of some stencils and a can of spray paint.

Both definitely worth seeing, if presented the chance to :)

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I really do need to see Toronto for myself.