Thursday, May 14, 2009


Oh man, I have NOT been sleeping very well lately.
It's ALWAYS something with me. (If I were C I would have either bailed or gave me a good bitch slap by now) but seriously.
I have been recovering a bit from my lil sun tan / burn a coupla weeks ago so now is the time my skin is peeling just a little.
When I try and catch some zzzzs it become a HOLY-FUCK-MY-SKIN-IS-CRAWLING episode where I can NOT lay still for the life of me, and surely can't get any shut-eye!
After sending a sleepy C dawg out to the living room sofa (surely due to my constant MOVING AROUND etc) I proceeded to get up out of bed, switch on all the lights and search my bed for bedbugs. I had my retina like a milimeter away from our white sheets just SEARCHING for any timy black speck that could pass for one of the creepy crawlers!

*On a side note- the next day I googled "bedbugs" and now realized that I surely do not have these suckers in my abode. They are apparently MUCH larger than whatever it was I was looking for!*

Anywho, The above scenario was two nights ago. I swear to G I slept a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Let me tell you- NOT ENOUGH for the Zerbinator. Not even close.
So yesterday at work I was a bit of a zombie.

The bonus was immediately AFTER work, C and I headed to his sister Tracy's place to have dinner with his ENTIRE FAMILY. That's right- Mom, Dad -- the whole kit and caboodle.

When we arrived, we are always greeted with an arrangement of delicious snack foods in their gi-normious kitchen. Last night it was smoked salmon, shrimp, brie etc.
The only thing missing was wine. We ALWAYS drink wine. Good wine, too. Nothing like the "Honest Ed's special" that C and I have become oh-so-accustomed to.

Anywho upon waiting for the arrival of the wine- and Corey's sister's hubby- C man took the stage as barkeep. he raided the fridge and liquor cabinet and made Tracy and I a delicious concoction of Lychee's liquor, Pomegranate juice and tonic. YUM.

As the night went on, I got a little second wind (thank god) but then was oh-so-glad to get home, into my pjs IMMEDIATELY and into the sack.

Oh if that could be it.
Enter- my back pain.....

I lay on my side, praying that the "leg pillow" will do it's job but soon realize that i need MORE. So I head to the kitchen to fill up my hot waddy botty (H2O bottle) and sure enough - I manage to spill the piping hot liquid all over my hand!!!!

What was the point of this whole story, again????????
oH yeah!
Best way to tire yourself out in order to fall asleep- 4 words- CRY YOURSELF TO SLEEP.

tHe EnD


I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

Have you tried aerobic exercise for an hour before bed? Do a little tae-bo with Billy Blanks, take a nice shower, and drift off to dream-land...

Or so I have heard.

Any way, I hope you can get some sleep soon.

Back to Bolt said...

This is the most entertaining thing I have read all week.

Such goodness.

Drea said...

honestly Krista...the best thing for insomnia is some light exercise before bed...even taking a stroll and getting some fresh air should help.