Thursday, April 22, 2010

When I ate the eggs, I sat here.

About a decade ago (ok maybe slightly less) I was eating a very late early (we're talking 3AM) breakfast at MEL'S DINER in my hometown of Waterloo.

There was Hollandaise sauce included, and a bit of a Hollandaise sauce fight, which then ended up on the shirt I was wearing -something HEINOUS, I'm sure (see my last post's picture- same era).
Sooooo, I did what any respectable, large breasted, slightly inebriated young woman would do. I took off said shirt and continued gobbling down by eggs..... in my bra.

Oh, the memories.

But alas, a fire early this morning tore that 50's diner to shreds. Along with other businesses.

Fio, Do you miss it?


misunderstood genius said...

well kiss my grits...that sucks. sorry.

jenisnape said...

I've sat there too :( Asso sad about sugar mountain.