Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My very own "Aidan"

It's an ongoing "joke" that many of my pals have figured out.
My boyfriend is a tad like Aidan from Sex in the City.

He's tall, dark, handsome- and the fact that he's wicked crafty helps.

There's just something about the C dawg sometimes when you look at him.... You have be be like "He's so Aidan".

So the best ever is C was telling me yesterday that a pal of his from work the other day was commenting that he reminded him of another actor.

"Some dood from Northern Exposure"

HA! Same guy, my friend.

Baby really is my very own Aidan.


Katty M said...

oh, hilarious!

Alyson said...

That's awesome! Your bf gets compared to a cool, sexy guy who's good with his hands. V cool.

... Mine gets compared to David Duchovny??? Um, what?

worldgoesround said...

i love john corbett