Thursday, April 8, 2010

nail party!

Corey and I made THE BEST dinner the other night. Blackened Tilapia with rice, green beans and mango salsa. So good, we took photos. Unfortunately all said photos are on C dawgs camera, not mine :(


I made MANGO SALSA (more of it) to bring over to yours and yours tonight!

Getting this gal to do our nails. What should I get? Corey keeps saying PAC MAN AND SOME GHOSTS but I don't know if he's kidding or not.

Oh by the way I got a new tattoo-

Yeah, that's right. I just WAYNE'S WOLRD-ed it up.


beans said...

wooo! i want to get silver and navy blue stripes or leopard spots or, or, ummmm..... lightening bolts!

oh man too much fun :D

Katty M said...

friggin awesome. the tuxtat and the salsa, oh, AND the scritchy scratching post. hole.