Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whatever it takes. I know I can make it through.

Had a grand weekend away in the K Dub. Girls night was fun. Got to see a bunch of gals I haven't for a long while (too long) and of course, my old favorites.
Played some Win, Lose or Draw. I really can not draw.

Spent Saturday loafing with my sister, getting acquainted with the likes of
Snooki and The Situation.

I avoided it for a long time- but like any other stoopid reality show- Jersey Shore (I'm afraid) is adddictive. Absolutely ridiculous. My sister wants the Snooki bump now. Her husband is going to start tanning.

Sunday was another relaxed day. We went and visited my old roommates from 5 years ago- before I moved to the T dot- Chris and Sheena. Got to meet their latest additions to the family- Felix and Rory (baby boy + doggie).

We then made our way to the Brines where the boys were watching (alot of) hockey.
We made poutine.
This poutine addiction must stop. I'm sure it will kick in once I gain another 10 or 15 pounds from the gravy-and-cheese-infused-french-fries.

Took Monday off as a holiday. Spent some much needed time alone during the day and then met Scott at the Paupers Roftop patio to catch some vodka rays. My pal Kelly met me there. Others gathered and we stayed until we were all shovering from the lack of sun. Headed to Central Tech highschool. ... yadda yadda yadda-

Finished up the evening weith some vino and a celebrity spotting at the Greenroom.
I hadn't been there in about 3 years. But it suited the theme of the whole night so I figured, why not?

"Celebrity" spotting=

We were staring. Kelly mostly (hahaha).

We are the typical "Went to highschool together- super super close for a long time, BOTH move to the city and somehow lose touch" products.
It sucks.
Like why am I not seeing these people I so love?
Life gets in the way I guess.
Either way- it was great times to see Ms. Kelly.

To close this already-too-lengthy post, Here's an embarassing picture of the 2 of us, circa 1999

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