Monday, October 26, 2009

The Thank -You Post

I would first like to Thank HAYLEY and ALICIA for having myself and C-dawg over on Friday night. Sorry we didn't make it to the show- we're lame like that.

And thanks Ali for my new profile pic! I needed an update, yo!

I'm getting this for lunch today. Veggie Gravy = Krista can eat poutine! Happy times!
Thanks to Kyle (who needs to start blogging again) for biking down to pick that shit up

I got my costume down pat over the weekend.

Thanks to Corey for hauling our asses to the burbs. We hit both Mississauga and Scarborough to locate my finds. It should be a success at Colleen's Halloween costume party Friday night.

We also picked up something for my brother in law who is REFUSING to dress up:

A final THANK YOU to Fiona for saving... my head yesterday.

See, we were sitting at Kilgours and I felt something fall into my hair. At first I thought maybe something from a tree OR worse yet BIRD SHIT....

But it was much worse! A bee had somehow managed to bury itself in my hair. I don't even HAVE that much hair so it is hard to say exactly how this happened. But Fiona jumped at it, and just started raking and raking into my locks until the little bastard was outta there.

ummm. Thanks.. for.. stopping by?