Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Death of... our dinner

Last night, C dawg and I met up for an after an afterwork beer with Alex. This was followed by a few rounds of drinks as well as a few rounds of coin-wasting fun- That touch-screen game on the bar.... there was mini golf!

Anyways, we get home and call up the Always Open Late staple phone number in hopes of the 7 Vegetable Mix, Chicken Balls (for him) and greasy, wonderful Spring Rolls (for me)....
The recorded voice on the automated message begins with something about today's ECONOMY and "Due to this, and our refusal to compromise on the quality of our food......HO LEE CHOW HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS. We thank our customers for 20 YEARS of patronage."

Sobbbbbbbbbbbbbs. I dont' know what was my immediate reaction- My saddness for the lack of spring rolls which would appear before me OR the fact that this business has had to shut down after so many years of serving the hoards of late night-hungry Torontonians!

On a happier note- I made a very important decision recently- and acted upon this very decision yesterday after work.

I got me some big-ass winter boots.
I have "chicken legs".
The thought of sliding my size 8-and-a-halfs into some giant Sorel's will be a funny site BUT that aside- I did not have to completely compromise on fashion! Check these puppies out!

Taaaa daaaaa!

(Is it weird that I kinda can't wait for it to snow, now???)


highwaisted said...

cooool! nice work. i think im gonna rock the same ones i wore last year. however i am making a trip to the niagara falls mall today so good thigns might happen. woooooo!

wendy said...

Your sorels are cuter than mine (which are taupe & purple plaid) because I bought mine on boxing day when there was very little selection. I want to upgrade to the much cuter colours they've got this year, but I can't afford to...hence buying them on boxing day in the first place!

Krista said...

I was pretty sad when I heard they were closing down, Kingston isn't a very big place so Ho Lee Chows was they place for Chinese. tear.