Friday, October 16, 2009

Song me a song

There are no songs with my name in it.
At least I don't think there are.

As a kid, I was jealous of all the Suzies, Jessies and Jennifers.
I mean, how many songs need there be with a variation of Jennifer in it?
There's that phone number song from the 80's, A Donovan song that only hippies like me know, and numerous others with singers crooning about their yearning love for Jenns.

But no Krista.

I remember there was a Boy George song that did NOT say my name in it, but somehow I managed to change it so that it did, when I sang it in our basement:

♫"KRISTA blue persuasion oh yeah, it's a new vibration
KRISTA blue persuasion"♫

My sister's name is Kelly. There has GOT to be tons of Kelly songs out there. Still, she found a way to add her own to the mix.

In our world, Dexy's Midnight Runners has a hit with
♫"Kelly Eileen"♫

While I'm at it, I think I'll empathize with some other friend's of mine who have not heard their name sung all that much;

♪"Ma- Ma- Ma- Ma- Ma- Myyyyy FIONA"♫

♪"INAGADDA-DAVIDA baby" (wait that one already does)


Kris said...


No Kristen. Ever.

Not even in stupid Mambo # 5.


highwaisted said...

i used to sing my name in another bad creations iesha.