Thursday, October 8, 2009


Did anyone else feel like yesterday was just "one of those days"?

You know the sort: the sun doesn't quite make it out, there is a gloom in the air, and most daily routine things just can't seem to get straight.
I had one of those days, yesterday.

Coupled this up with a morning tif with the bf- and an afternoon email informing me an old acquaintance had passed- and you've got yourself a very... gloomy.... Zerbinator.

So I did what many women like I would do. Ran off to Shopper's Drug Mart and bought a box of liquid, smelly, "new-ness".

My hair is now "copper brown".

I have pilates today and I am hoping that the use of my growing, powerful muscles will draw out the remnants of any of yesterday's gloom.

On a happy note- this eve is TRIVIA with Kat and friends.

I have one minor problem with this.... I am going to miss the OFFICE again (Have not yet caught an episode this season!) WTF
RogersOnDemand does not show it this year is beyond me, as well! I havent gotten to see the Pregnent PAM!!

Anyone know if these episodes are replyed at any certain time???
And DON'T SAY I can catch them online... You realise what we have at home right?????????

If I were rich I would buy C-man a Brand New comuter for his birthday... which is Monday by the way. I do not forsee me running into this kind of cash by then, so we are stuck with good ol' orangy for a little while longer.



Katty M said...

Anything cool happening Monday night? We should get some drinky poo poos together, or maybe some din?

beans said...


Beckstar, Queen of the Galactic Robot Mafia said...

You are so coming over to watch the Office. I have this season downloaded, and I just bought a 50" tv with Tivo.

The PB&J wedding was actually amazingly moving and chi-larious, and may start with Dwight and a barf-o-rama, just saying.

Yay tv date!